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Originally Posted by shashi27 View Post
While I love a manual I think the manual is antiquated.

Ferrari would not have abandoned manual transmissions in the 458 and F1 drivers would be using them in their cars. The DCT allows you to keep your hands on the wheel, where they belong.
Ferrari has two main market segments:
* Folks who want the fastest 0-60 and track times. A DCT is the fastest way to shift for those guys.
* Retired orthodontists and hedge fund managers who want an alternative to Viagra and don't want to bother shifting on their way to the country club.

Yes a manual tranny is antiquated, but then so is a 2-seater roadster configuration. No-one buys a Z4 for extreme performance, practicality or any rational reason. We buy those for FUN. And whatever shifting method is more fun to you, is the one you should buy!
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