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Bumping this old thread.

I have some slight hesitation issue when coming to a stop, but I always thought that was normal.

My bigger issue is the transmission overheat warning/error. Like the OP, I've experienced it in almost every sort of situation, car still cold, mildly warm still heating up, even at the tail end of a long highway drive (3-5 hrs). It seems to be completely random. Most of the time I'm stopped when it happens, the error pops up, revs the car up, then revs come back down, and the error goes away, to only keep repeating continually, or maybe it'll go away, again random. If I try to drive with it in auto with the error, it'll stumble (like a beginner releasing the clutch too quickly in a manual car) then hold the revs much higher than usual before shifting gears.

Had this happen intermittently for about 2 years now, even went and had my clutches replaced after experiencing in for the first couple of months with new fluid and filter change as well and resetting adaptations. A few months later it was back. I had the fluid level checked after that, still good.

One shop was able to pull an error code that pointed to an electrical fault, while at the same time there was thoughts that maybe it was the temperature sensor itself, possibly contaminated with metal filings on it (because I guess the sensor is a combo sensor including RPM hall effect sensor so has a magnet on it) causing weird spikes or something.

I've been hesitant to just have another shop go at it without having any real clear pointing though. Might try for fixing the electrical fault that one shop was able to find. If I can find the paperwork from that and the error I'll post it.
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