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Originally Posted by F25X3 View Post
i would be pissed buying a car thats badged as having an almost 3L engine when instead it has a matter how much power you get from that engine i would not trade it for a sweet 6 inline silk smooth engine.

i am actually thinking of getting a bmw (havent decided which one yet) with an inline NA6 cause in a few years the motoring world will loose one of its iconic engines beeing replaced by an engine you can find in pretty much every car maker these days.
No steering feel in new bmws, no NA 6L, FWD. Can someone tell me what makes bmw so speciall these days? if you replace the badge one woudnt be able to tell if its a merc, an audi, a lexus, etc your driving.

Sure electric power steering and fwd and diesel and turbo engines are a sign of the times but come on. Off set it somewhere else like the mini brand or new i brand but a Z4 roadster, a car with an open top when engine sounds plays such a big part in the experience that is a roadster bmw could avoid this.

That is why I chose a 128i over a 135i and I am now having quite a crisis on whether I want to upgrade to a 1M. The I6 rewards you when you exercise it properly and I don't have to worry about a a future HPFP problem.

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