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Paul S
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Hi Guys. We picked up our 35i M Sport in January and it's great fun. I should probably say that it's registered in my wife's name, so technically, in our case it is a "chick's car"! (But all our previous "fast cars" have been registered that way.) We traded in an Audi RS4 cab for the car and are glad we did although do miss the old V8 a bit.
Anyway, I'm what I guess is a pretty average 5 foot 9 inches and there's not that much spare seat movement to accommodate a larger driver I don't think. I'd guess that 6 footers would feel a bit cramped - is that true? We've previously owned similar sized cars: TVR Chimaeras and a TVR Tuscan S and both of these had seat adjustment to spare. (Probably helped a bit by the moveable pedal box.)