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Originally Posted by TheWatchGuy View Post
yeah, as i got older, i realized that all these injuries i was piling up from skating/snowboarding were starting to feel worse and worse. havent done either after my last big crash snowboarding 12 years ago. Something about waking up at the bottom of the landing ramp, blood everywhere and not knowing where you are that changes you
This. Exactly this.

The sound of constant roar of urethane against concrete and wood is soothing to me. The flow and the constant manipulation of your body, balance, timing, etc. just seemed so effortless that many years ago. At 44, I struggle to take a drink and not spill it down my chest. Making hard contact with the ground at speed seemed much softer 30 years ago.
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We're Americans. Leave your logic and science witchcraft out of this! Jesus and guns are all we need.
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