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Minor update. Temps have dropped here in the UK from around 10c to 3c. The noise from the rear deck has gone until the car warms up. Its too dark to do any major checking at the moment but I did take time last night to put some felt into the roof catches as shown here:

While this hasn't resolved the ticking noise I'm getting when the car twists or hits rough tarmac, it has resolve a lot of the shuffling noise that I got when going over rough roads.

I did note that the marks on the rubber supports shown in the above thread had marks on them that indicated the roof was only partially touching the rubber supports. This makes me think that the roof is not sitting properly on these supports so part of my task this weekend, to avoid going back to the dealer again and again, will be to adjust these rubber supports to better support the rear roof shell. Hopefully this will further reduce any vibration and hence noise.

I believe that the rattles I had when this car was new were resolved badly by the dealer hence why I get other issues now.

I also intend to remove the rear roof shell interior as I noted a few clips in it last night when applying the felt that made a similar sound when pulled and pushed. Hopefully by the time I've spent a few hours felting everything I'll have a much quieter car and enjoy ownership a little more!

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