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Sending COBB AccessPORT Back

I finally tried the accessport this weekend. Last week I tried it, but it didn't recognize my ECU. No problem, downloaded it and sent to Cobb. Within a couple days, they had a beta version for me. It installed fine and showed good acceleration during moderate driving. However, at WOT at around 30 mph, the RPMs shot up to 7k but I didn't really go anywhere. The RPMs would go down to 4k and the DCT would engage and I would accelerate. It felt like it was accidently shifting into neutral. I was able to repeat this behavior every time.

I talked to Cobb and told them I didn't have the stomach for tuning my Z4 remotely. Afraid I would ruin my transmission. They sent me a return label and were very pleasant about the whole thing.

I'm thinking of going with ESS. I won't a company that has taken the DCT into consideration. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.