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Installing COBB AccessPORT on My Z4!!

Hello. I kow that according to COBB's website they don't offer a specific tune for the Z4 yet, so I called them. They were happy to talk to me.. they said they would give me a 10% discount and free shipping if I would try it out on my Z4. They said that there is a small chance it does not recognize my ECU. If that occurres I will perform a ROM dump, send it to them and they will send me a firmware update within 5 business days. From what I can tell, COBB is a reputable company with tons of experience in ECU flashing, although only since this year for BMW. As part of the agreement, they would like for me to send them data regardless of how satisfied I am with the results. Also, they have a 30 day money back garuntee. What can go wrong... LOL. I'm excited, wish me luck!