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CAR Magazine scoops some details on the rumored Z2.

CAR Magazine scoops some details on the rumored Z2.
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The Z2 has been rumored to be on the table for quite some time now. So much so, that its basicly a real car, even though a single spy photo has yet to surface. If a car like this does come out, what we know for sure is what the name tells us, this is a Roadster (Z) and it will be small (2). Beyond that, the speculation has suggested the car would be ultra-light, possibly FWD, possibly RWD, 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder engines, basicly the entire gambit.

However, now CAR Magazine boldly claims to have scooped a few more details about the car. The Z2s underlying vision is a small lightweight Z3-ish roadster with a retractable canvas top. The big question is now what type of drive will the car use? FWD, RWD or AWD?

The decision about the Z2 going with RWD or AWD actually revolves around which platform BMW decides to use for the Z2. There is the new UKL1 platform which will underpin the next generation of MINI vehicles as well as BMWs. This platform is ready to go now (BMW could get the car out faster) and brings AWD to the table.

The second possibility: put the car on a new platform which is being developed to underpin the upcoming 1-Series Coupe (or 2-Series if name change rumors are true). This new platform will take longer to develop, however it would guarantee the Z2 as a rear wheel drive vehicle.

CAR also confirms the rumors that the Z2 is being concieved as both a roadster and a coupe.

[Source: CAR Magazine]

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