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Originally Posted by BlueZ4AZ View Post
It sounds like we've all called out rclem05 in our own special way.

It's funny, because none of us new Z4 (e89) owners have any reason or feel the need to waste our time offering our opinions or paraphrasing the opinions of others, over on the old Z4 (e85) forum.

I wonder why that is
Ya, I never got seems quite common to see once in a while a member w/ the old Z4 doing the 'sour grapes' thing against the new Z4; I definitely don't see this going on as much in other car forums. I don't disparage the e85/e86; we're all in the BMW family. It's still a very nice-looking and capable car, but time moves on. I never understood these 'sweet lemon' and 'sour grapes' mentalities.