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Originally Posted by rclem05 View Post
No power bump at all with the "M-sport" package?
No steering inprovements?
No suspension fixes?

Car and driver review says: "When pushing the Z4is in the manner for which you assume it’s been designed, the suspension feels lazy and unenthusiastic, even in the most aggressive sport setting."

Does the M-sport pack address that? (Hint: no. See title.)

Obvious conclusion: this is a marketing-made "appearance package" that doesn't improve the base car the way the M Groupe is supposed to... (see title).
What is this, a game of "state the obvious"? In an old thread no less. Thanks for clearing everything up for us...

I don't think anyone is under any illusions about the M sport package -- it's a trim and options package, with some minor sporting tweaks. It's not an M vehicle, nor should it be confused with one. BMW offers this type of M sport package on many of their cars, and the Z4 is no different.

BTW, I do agree with C&D's assessment -- compared to the best sports cars, the Z4's handling could easily be described as a bit vague. I think a good portion of that is due to the use of RFT, however.