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Originally Posted by chemgeek View Post
People out there really like the 3.0L NA engine? I find it to be a joke every time I get a loaner. ...and the roar of the 3.0L NA? Really??

Everyone keeps beating on turbo failure and HPFP failures of the early 335s. People are crazy if they expected to buy a 2007 or 2008 335 and not have problems. Shoot if you played it right, you had your 2007 or 2008 335 replaced with a 2010 or 2011. BMW had to test the applicability of turbo engines on one of its platforms. Why not the higher end 3 and 5 (as turbos generally make a car more fun to drive)? Made sense to me. Refine that technology and then put it into use in the more mainstream cars.
You write like a turbo engine is something new; something that is trickled down from a manufacturer's high-end models to regular cars joe-sixpack will buy. Not sure how old you are but there were tons of turbo cars in the '80s; it was almost fashion at some point. The fuel metering and ignition control technology may be new allowing for safer higher boost pressures, but the turbo is acient technology. I think it is a safe bet considering BMW's record with the N54, that the N20 will be plauged with problems just as much. Hopefully I'm wrong. If a manufacturer is going to add a turbo engine to its "mainstream" cars then it better be highly reliable for a daily driver. With the 335i, I just don't see it; even in the later model years.