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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
Really? It's come down to this, a sound generator? How f'ing laughable is that? If BMW needs to engineer a sound generator to make a 4-cylinder engine sound like something it isn't, it is a sad day in Bimmerland.

Here's an idea; how about figuring out how to build a LIGHTER chassis with a smaller, more fuel effecient I6, and gain some MPG's, instead of sending the audio engineers in to mask the sound of a unnatually balanced 4-cylinder.

If I have a choice between everyone else's turbo four and BMWs over-priced, electronic sound enhanced turbo for, I'll be saving some money when I purchase my next car.
+1 but at this stage BMW can't economically build a new chassis. Hopefully in future Z4s it will be lighter, but I imagine BMW will still insist upon a 4cyl turbo as the base model.

It does seem BMW is losing its identity of having smooth I-6s, some claim this is not part of the identity, I disagree.

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