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Originally Posted by HerrK View Post
From AutoWeek review

“More power, greater torque, reduced fuel consumption, lower tailpipe emissions and less weight–but better? In everyday driving, the N20 is noticeably more responsive although its sound is nowhere near as alluring as that of the engine it replaces (N52), . BMW says that will be fixed on certain models, including on an updated Z4 sDrive28i, with the addition of an electronic sound generator.”

Another electronic enhancement - can't wait to hear that one.

I prefer my N54. It doesn't feel like a pair of Turbo Chargers. It feels like a pair or TESTIES!! BIG MEATY ONES!!
Really? It's come down to this, a sound generator? How f'ing laughable is that? If BMW needs to engineer a sound generator to make a 4-cylinder engine sound like something it isn't, it is a sad day in Bimmerland.

Here's an idea; how about figuring out how to build a LIGHTER chassis with a smaller, more fuel effecient I6, and gain some MPG's, instead of sending the audio engineers in to mask the sound of a unnatually balanced 4-cylinder.

If I have a choice between everyone else's turbo four and BMWs over-priced, electronic sound enhanced turbo for, I'll be saving some money when I purchase my next car.