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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
Well I drove the X1 the other day (they're already here in Canada). As for the's OK, will have to get used to it. It's comfortable inside and small like a 1 series. Rides well. Nice and quiet. But that's the tough part. The motor was strong enough but it's quiet.....very quiet. The 6 cyl growl is completely gone. BMW should have done some exhaust tuning.

Looking forward to more of the new N20 but as I said, the "feel" and the "sound" (crucial to BMW-philes) needs some work.
This is expected from a 4-cyl turbo or otherwise. Thanks for the honest review. I believe a 4cyl is acceptable as a base car for a 1, 3, x1, x3 etc, but the Z4 is held to higher standards - it should have a throaty 6 cylinder or higher - NA or otherwise, all models from base to ... (M?)

JOY is being offered in manual transmission and RWD.