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Well I drove the X1 the other day (they're already here in Canada). As for the's OK, will have to get used to it. It's comfortable inside and small like a 1 series. Rides well. Nice and quiet. But that's the tough part. The motor was strong enough but it's quiet.....very quiet. The 6 cyl growl is completely gone. BMW should have done some exhaust tuning.

But you guys talking about the mileage are absolutely right. Up here "in the north", we're at almost $1.50/litre which, if you do the math, equates to much more than what you down south are paying per gallon. Nevertheless, both of us are screwed and we're approaching what I paid in Europe last year. So when it comes down to it, when my sport ute replacement comes due next year, I'll probably consider either the X1 if it's the only "ute" with the new 4 cyl. If they drop it into the X3 (which I love, turbo version is fantastic), even better.

The price of gas ain't going down anytime soon and with the M3 in the family, its time to start re-thinking things.

Hey...on a happy note, I drove the Mini Countryman S (AWD version) almost back to back with the X1. Night and day. Sadly, with that silly, rackety console/accessory type thing in the middle of it, it sounds and feels a little cheap. Having previously had 2 Mini's in the family this was really disappointing. As both of these vehicles (the X1 and the Countryman) share some componentry, the X1 is by far the better choice IMO.

Looking forward to more of the new N20 but as I said, the "feel" and the "sound" (crucial to BMW-philes) needs some work.