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Originally Posted by DDS2015 View Post
This engine makes a lot of sense for the lower price range where these cars will be situated. I mean, people that get the N52 engine over the N54/55 are the people who are not pushing their cars as much (IMO and I know there will be exceptions). These people drive their cars daily and probably never go above 3K rpm. So why not put in an engine that develops torque lower in the RPM range and then you save on fuel.

I would also wager that the N20 weighs less than the N52 (IDK by how much or if at all, just speculation), so the dynamics of the car would be improved as well. I would also wager that the N20 revs faster than the N52 (again just speculation) so it would probably feel more sporty. I doubt that the N20 will be as smooth of an engine, but again I will point out that most of the people that buy cars with this engine probably won't rev it so high so this won't be a problem.

Additionally, the reason why they are going FI over NA is so that they will not have to pay those crazy fines in EU. Everybody knows this so we should stop complaining about it and accept it already.
Sorry to disagree with you, but some of us lowly N/A 6-bangers actually redline their engines as much as you turbo-guys and don't have HPFP issues.