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Originally Posted by DDS2015 View Post
In terms of the X1, when I went to the unveiling of it a few weeks ago the GM of my dealership said that the US will not be getting the X1 at all this year.
Yes, that seems to be the rumor now. First it was May, then September, now its 2012. BMW's official reason has been that there just is not enough production capacity to accomodate the US. I suspect that while capacity is certainly a factor, there are other things going on here including them wanting to build the fledging F25 X3 market up before dropping yet another SUV on the American public, and also for strategic reasons as far as where the N20 shows up first. I also suspect profit margins on the X3 in the US are much higher than the X1, not least because it is produced here.

Originally Posted by DDS2015 View Post
But the NA market won't see the 1er hatch, only the coupes and convertibles which lag by a year or two in terms of release (unless I missed an announcement that the 1er hatch was coming to NA).
True, but even ignoring the F20/F21 hatches, the F22 coupe and F23 convertible are just a bit over a year away.

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Seems like too small of an engine for a big heavy 5 series.
It should offer better performance than the N52 that is currently sitting in the engine bay of the 528i, just as it has shown to offer better performance in the X1 than the outgoing N52 did. And notably, the X1 was using the ~260hp version of the N52 even.
A gen-u-ine BMW eff-eight-zero with them tandem clutches in the transmission and that dad gum sun roof on the top-a da cawr.