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Hi people

My name is Yoon.
I just joined this forum a few minutes ago....
Found this forum randomly through searching on Google.
I've been in the VAG scene for all my driving life and still own a modified Audi A3 2.0T with APR Stg 2+ and BUNCH more.

Been in NY, USA for 10 years but just recently moved to Amsterdam and bought the new Z4 a few days ago. I'm still waiting for the dealer to prep, register the vehicle for me. Hopefully I will get the car sometime next week since they told me it will most likely take about 5 business days for the plates and such...

My A3 is still in NY but I'm trying to find a way to bring it over here...
Only picture I have of the Z4 is an iPhone picture I took at the dealership in Amsterdam.

Oh and btw, this is actually my very first bimmer

I will take some quality pictures when I pick up the car next week and post a formal introduction and show off some of my previous VAG cars too

This will have to do for now though...

Hope to learn a lot from this board since i'm a noob to the bimmer world