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Originally Posted by dc_williamson View Post
Hello all,

New joiner here - and new Z4 3.5i owner too. Hoping someone out there can help me.

So my car has Bluetooth phone preparation and the navigation system. I have the BMW iPhone snap-in adapter which goes in the socket in the armrest so my iPhone charges from the car. All OK so far. The bluetooth connection works for phone calls too so I can take and make calls from the car.

But... the car audio system won't see any of the music tracks that are stored on my iPhone. I have the option for the USB input but that isn't connected to the iPhone (right?) Is there something I'm missing - some optional extra that I don't have? Anything I can do to fix it?

Suggestions and advice gratefully received!

Thanks, David.
im not sure I understand. Are you talking about when you switch your iphone to ipod function and plug it in? Then set the radio to ipod and it should just play the songs, or am I missing something?