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Many people on here (the most I think) believe that the old Z4 is more beautiful than the SLK. But Mercedes sold two or three times more SLK's (maybe many more) than the Z4 which BMW sold... So, you have to understand that BMW doesn't gives a shit about what I'm saying or what you're saying, BMW cares ONLY for the sales...
Furthermore, about the speed and the other characteristics of the cars, a car which runs the 0-100 in 6,5 seconds like sDrive23i is not slow and for sure is sporty, unless you thing that you are Michael Schumacher (and many people in here think that they are...). Futhermore, about the sDrive35i and its 305 powerhorse... What to say...?? It's a fast, beautiful, sporty and also luxury roadster...!! If you want only speed and acceleration you have to buy a 370Z or even a Subaru Impressa...