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Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
Wow I wonder why your opinion sounds so passionate and resentful towards the new one, oh wait, that's right, you're probably biased due to the fact that you own an E85. I don't know any angles that have lent it a "positively hideous" look, and I think this has to be the worst rear shot ever (low, directly from behind; get any degree of angle and the car would look brilliant). I will agree about the roofline, in relative to the coupe that is (the old roadster is horrible without the coupe's roofline).
My opinions of the E89 aren't affected by my owning an E86 in the least bit. I call it the way I see it. The rear end is ATROCIOUS. It doesn't even RESEMBLE a sports car, or even a hairdresser's car like the SLK it's supposed to be competing with. It looks like a sedan's butt when viewed from directly behind. I don't know how anyone could view it any differently.

Looks are subjective, lots of people will (and do) LOVE the look of this car, and that's great. How many of them can actually afford its huge price tag, that's another question.
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