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Originally Posted by jlstyle View Post
I have to say old Z4 looks better overall.
There's no elegance to new z4, especially considering it costs $60K+.

2nd generation LCI Z4 FTW.

But I still think even E86 looks ugly.
2 cents from an ex e86 owner.
No elegance? What? The new Z4 is a perfect blend of aggression and elegance. Every line flows gently from one end of the car to the other. Each one highlights a key design feature and elongates the look. The old Z4 lacked elegance. It did make up for it with innovative styling though.

Originally Posted by KevinC View Post
The new car looks positively hideous from some angles, particularly from directly behind, where it looks like anything BUT a sports car, and very closely resembles a Chrysler sedan. There is NOTHING to like about that view, and others are compromised by the odd roofline created by the retractable hardtop.. at least to my eyes.
Wow I wonder why your opinion sounds so passionate and resentful towards the new one, oh wait, that's right, you're probably biased due to the fact that you own an E85. I don't know any angles that have lent it a "positively hideous" look, and I think this has to be the worst rear shot ever (low, directly from behind; get any degree of angle and the car would look brilliant). I will agree about the roofline, in relative to the coupe that is (the old roadster is horrible without the coupe's roofline).
Originally Posted by JJ_Wonderboy View Post
New one for me. Front is better (old one looks sad, new one looks angry), back is better (old one looks too... old), interior is clearly better. What's not to prefer?

Only downside I can see at the moment? Cost. Don't get me wrong, I like the old one (almost bought one last year) but the new one, IMHO, is so much better.

It's interesting to note that most people who prefer the old model actually own one... Hmmm.
[quote=320what;5052433]i know, it's all taste arguments we can't win. still, i think both cars have that shark look to their faces except the first one was a kind of mean tiger shark and the second one is one of the less agressive-let's feed them type of sharks. I think the original Z4 was a bit more masculine - and sales support this - 90% of Z4 buyers are guys apparently (maybe for wives?...). I think the new Z4 is the kind of softer version, good alternaitive to mercedes SL. At least CAR wrote this in latest issue having tested it against the main opposition. Oh we