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Originally Posted by aheinz_71 View Post
You think so? That color made me like the E85 from the outside (which I did not so far).

Plus they compare the E85 open next to an E89 closed. What comparison is that???

You see, personal taste is - let's say "personal"

Guess what I have to see all the time while I am driving the car? The interior! This is why a car with a boring interior does not stand a chance with me (which is also why I always hated the E85 and have now ordered my E89)

i know, it's all taste arguments we can't win. still, i think both cars have that shark look to their faces except the first one was a kind of mean tiger shark and the second one is one of the less agressive-let's feed them type of sharks. I think the original Z4 was a bit more masculine - and sales support this - 90% of Z4 buyers are guys apparently (maybe for wives?...). I think the new Z4 is the kind of softer version, good alternaitive to mercedes SL. At least CAR wrote this in latest issue having tested it against the main opposition. Oh well, gotta drive one one day and decide for myself for sure. I love the old Z4 for all its wierdness. not many cars like it on the road, the nez Zed reminds me of Audis a bit - very pretty car, like almost too pretty and flawless. hard to explain. I like it to be more raw.
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