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Originally Posted by epbrown View Post
Yep, it's getting the 3.0 and 3.0tt. As always, BMW says there won't be an M - they said that about the Z3 and Z4 as well - but this time they might mean it; rumor has it the E92 M3 engine won't fit.
I think the Z4 M will get a turbocharged motor. That is heavily rumored to be the route the route they are going for the F1x M5/M6 and F3x M3. I strongly suspect that the Z4 M will get a brand new M-developed turbocharged inline six (possibly based on the N54 as a starting point, possibly not).

The other question is - will there be a Z4 (M or otherwise) coupe? If so what is that - the e88? It can't be "e90" since that is taken.
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