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Originally Posted by nicknaz View Post
New motor

I was commenting on the OP's original statement "For whatever reason BMW seems to have a reputation for problems with new motors. S54 bearings, S65 bearings, and the next BMW new motor issue looks to be the N20 head cracking."

If you are running stage 2 aren't you close to this power level already?

For what it's worth I took 5 minutes to browse the forums and found a few examples of 300+ tq at that wheels and anecdotes of engine failure. Seemed like the failures were from hydrolock from running a meth kit though, not from more boost/power

EDIT: wow.. our forum blocks the URL name of competitor forum!!!
ahhh.. I see your point on the S55....

Stage 2 max torque is around 318lbft, close - but not quite at the 331lbft level that the original article stated.

BTW, I was surprised by the URL block on the other forum also.
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