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Originally Posted by wmandra View Post
the original post is almost 1 year old.... to date there are no known instances of cylinder heads cracking in the field. having said that, there have been cases of blown connecting rods and BMW has gone through 4 different piston designs on the N20.

Its a moot-point for the time being as there isn't any tune/upgrades available for the N20 that will deliver the kind of power levels indicated.
That's actually not a moot-point..

That info on the engine running hot and multiple heat cycles causing cracks, as well as connecting rod failures should be a key consideration for someone looking for a sporty car to modify and use for track days

Maybe buying the F80 with brand new S55 motor isn't a great idea yet... (but then again, what new motor design is a risk free... great example are the water cooled porsche engines, and most recently the 991 GT3 fire issue)