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Before and after pics attached. We found that miltek had forgotten to ship the small clamp that replaces the oem clamp because the pipes are larger. Also the "professionals" cut the OEM pipes at the wrong place at first and had to weld things back together again. So learn this: The OEM and milktek pipes are of the same diameter where the ends are to meet. You cannot slide one inside the other.........

Anyhow, everything is fine now, and first impressions are that at idle, or while cruising in D/normal and barely touching the throttle, the car is almost as quiet as before. So if you worry that this mod will take away too much comfort for long distance traveling etc, I do not think you have to.

The car is however significantly louder when you start pushing it, and all the pops and "burbles" are much easier to hear now as well. It seems I can now also better control when people turn their heads - my right foot is very delighted.

Update: Cold starts in my basement parking lot sound like small explosions now - it makes the car seem very masculine indeed! Also I am constantly finding myself speeding just to listen to that nice sound. Even with the top up, the sound is very addicting. I like it very much.
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