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Originally Posted by Hoa View Post
Go for Milltek. They are direct replacement bolt on. You can easily bolt the old cats back in if you change your mind or sell the car in the future. You wont have to pay the shop to cut and weld again.

The part numbers are: MSBM197 and MSBM198

do a search for the part number and add them to the cart. it wont show up as an individual part unless you do that

You will also need the OEM clamps
I am doing this mod right now, literally waiting at the 4S shop as I write this. Thanks for posting the part numbers as it made it a lot easier to communicate with the locals. FYI the full 35i miltek exhaust is 22000 CNY here in China. But I am just installing the midpipes.

As you can imagine I am very excited and cant wait to listen to the results.

One of the main reasons I am doing this now is because I just passed my last emissions test. It has however turned out to be much more costly than expected. Those OEM clamps alone were 500 CNY each.

Anyway, I am going with this option as yearly emissions testing becomes a reality starting from 2015. This is because my car is from 2009 and this is Chinese law. With the miltek decatted midpipes it should be very easy to switch back and forth as needed.