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My 2011 model has been back to the dealer twice already with the roof failing... Once on a sunny day where it wouldn't go back up - drove it straight back to them and they had it for 2 days to sort. Second time was in the evening.. 10pm, roof was down and got stuck half way - wouldn't retract or go back up.. Clouds came in and was starting to rain so I had to clear my garage at 11pm! It went away on the back of a lorry the next morning and was away for 3 days... Report back was that they found a corroded connection in the roof harness. My thinking is that if you use a pressure washer anywhere near the roof seals there is a risk of water ingress... A year down the line it's been ok. Needless to say anything as complex as the Zed's roof is a risk.. I'll be out of it before the warranty runs out in any case.