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Complete Power Failure: SI B61 08 11

Here's a couple links to 15 pages of e90 board and 5 page thread from 2011.
The tin connection has been replaced with silver since 2011 and these earlier build date cars have had either scary symptoms or nuisance issues.
I received my recall yesterday and am going to pre-inspect my front fuse box and corresponding cable connection for discoloration to prepare for this trip to purgatory. Apparently the repairs range from replacement of front fusebox and the entire cable run to the trunk with carpet and seat removal (ugh) down to just short cable run at the fusebox from firewall. I know my symptoms I experienced of brief shutoff/stutter at idle or while cruising and computer settings reverting to default, such as 3 click turnsignal and self locking drive away doorlocks are now going to be resolved.

15 page thread since Feb2013:

5 page thread since JUNE2011!!

Sold 2011 Z4, kept 2002 M3
PM for various e89 parts 4sale.

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