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The F lower grills are easy to remove but take patience. Under the front of the car there is the splash pan with appx 6-8 bolts- see the above pics of the splash pan. Remove this pan which allows access, very tight access, to put your hand up and inside the access area behind the grill. 1st step- remove the center rail. There are 4 clips to unsnap. Look inside with a flash light and determine if the clips unsnap up or down so as to not push in the wrong direction to unsnap them. Once the unsnap direction is determined, push on the clip to unsnap it. Once all 4 clips are unsnapped, you can then pull the rail out front the front of the grill.Then do the same for outer grill. See the picture above. There are 3 clips on the top of the grill, 2 on the sides and 2-3 across the bottom. These can be stubborn to unsnap, but once you get 1-2 unsnapped you can begin to push the grill out slightly and the rest of the clips follow easier. I started at the top and moved in order around to each clip to unsnap them. again look inside and determine if the clips unsnap by pushing up or down to release it. Once you know the un snap direction you can push on each snap it by feel.

Install these just snap in easily from the outside. Outer grill 1st then the center rail. Nice mod project.
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