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Originally Posted by Mick70 View Post
In certain regions, you will find a kind of "class enemy" envy, yes. So we encounter e.g. an increasing number of allegedly "politically motivated" envy scratches and car fires, typically performed by some cowards deep at night - not even restricted to expensive cars. So I am quite happy with my garages both at home and at work.

But open hate is very rare. I am commuting 30km to Freiburg on a daily basis - this city in southern Germany is considered as one of the politically leftmost German cities and the only thing that ever happend was a pizza hitting my windscreen.

Best regards

A pizza? Really though a Z4 is not a car I would be jealous of or even point out wow on the road. Maybe because I live in Geneva and before that Singapore where supercars are VERY common. This coming from a 35iS owner. I like my Z4 but do not think its anything that special.

As for chick car, I have only seen a few here 3 or 4 and each time it was driven by a guy. I don't have the impression its a girls car.