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Originally Posted by Asbjorn View Post
When I was driving home top down last night I was reminded again why people call the Z4 a chick car.

I had already beforehand decided to take this turn in a spirited way, so that is why I was unable to respond more like a gentleman...

PS yes, its legal to turn right on red lights in China, and no, I really have absolutely no idea who those girls in the taxi were. But I remember I was overtaken by the same taxi a few minutes earlier.
BUU! HAA! HAWWW! hahahaha i'm dying here, my sides hurt. I've had a girl once laugh at me but she was on ford ranger and her boyfriend looked like a redneck version of one of the cast members of Jersey Shore. A bit disappointing but these things are laughable considering how damn competent this car is on difficult twisting roads. Ultimately, any car is a chicks car if word gets around enough.

I've had a friend who raised her F250 from stock height and do just about every manly mod just to add a decal "This is a chicks car" in hot pink as well as a few other feminine decals.

Originally Posted by stickshifter69 View Post
Its not a chick car! It's the sportiest looking BMW in the line-up.
Can anyone else in Germany confirm thats how you get treated for driving a convertible? I've had people tailgate me before on an E85 or any sporty car I've owned for that matter. But i've never had anyone mouth me off as this guy explained in his video.