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Originally Posted by ManiacGT View Post
If the roof part is rubbing against the metal strip on the boot/trunk lid then your roof is over adjusted. I take it you mean the two metal tips of the rear roof section as mine are close, perhaps 3mm clearance.

You may wish to ask your dealer to adjust this to prevent more wear, it may also make noise and also wear through the paint on the roof causing oxidisation.
Oh really? These two parts are not actually supposed to ever touch each other?

The points where they make contact are marked on this picture.
Come to think about it, I don't know why I thought this was normal...

Has anyone seen any guides on how to adjust the roof? I really do not want to take the car in if I can avoid it. I hate how they treat cars there. One time I saw them working on a 3-series convertible and they actually tried to open the roof while the anti-roll bars were ejected. Clonk!!!

Thanks to your advice I will also have the relevant parts touched up with black and clear paint after the adjustment has been completed. Fortunately they are made from aluminum so it should not be a major concern.