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Originally Posted by CedarZ4 View Post
I do have to say that the looks are great

But, wouldn't changing the overall diameter require reprogramming/calibration, otherwise your speedometer would be off. Since you're diameter has increased, wouldn't you be going faster than indicated.
Thanks! Yes - on the faster than indicated, but my speedometer was always about 5 mph optomistic at 70+ mph versus the Garmin GPS. I'm not really that concerned as I try not to be the fastest out on the freeway. Completed the physical GPS calibration to the speedometer. Indicated lags by 1 mph from 70 - 100 mph versus GPS. At lower speeds, indicated is spot on with the GPS.

The ride is heavenly smooth (in Normal) and the grip is wonderful (no more understeer) compared to the harsh ride and understeer of the RFT's.

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