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Originally Posted by ManiacGT View Post
...Everyone is aware I got a friday car, but they've done quite a bit to make it a Thursday car! lol
Well it would depend if it was a beer Friday car or a first thing in the morning Friday car. I wonder if the Beer friday cars are actaully held until Monday and then released?!!!

As for me no real issues with my Dealer. I have heard horror stories though about m dealer from friends. Here are a couple,

1. A firend took her 3 to the dealer for an oil change and minor service. They took her to work that morning and later that day got a ride up to the dealer to pck up the car. She goes in and asks the SA for the car and they said that someone had picked it up for her already. She hadnt sent anyone to the dealer to get the vehicle so obvioulsy someone had gone in and stole her car. The police had to be called and every thing. The issue was never resovled and she did not get her car back.

2. Same dealer differnet location, a firned went in with his 2000 M Roadster and was telling them he needed service on the vehicle the SA argued with him about the type of transmission it had in it even though the car never ever came with that style transmission. (that is all i remember of the conversation now sorry) I am thinking he said somethng like you have an SMC dont you and my friend said no it a manual. Then the argument persued. If it had been me maybe i would have just smacked hm n the back of the head and left.

The only issue i really had with this dealer came with the sales department. I wnated the car for one price and they wouldnt meet me in the middle. walked away three times. Finally a month later they called me and offered me the same car for the price i wanted to pay. (we were only apart by $1000.00) I dont consider that an issue though that is jsut commerce at play. But why do you have to argue with me for a month. Kinda takes the fun out of the drive home the first day. Know though that when i got the E89 Z4 home i was all smiles again.
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