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Originally Posted by morfinx View Post
My local dealership has been fine. No major incidents.
I wish I could say the same. My first and last visit for maintenance to the dealership I bought my Z4 was for a courtesy annual oil change. I guess Oil changes might be performed by those technicians with lesser exertise than others. I found a liter (exaggeration) of oil spilled onto the front air duct/tube going to the intercooler. The ducting and bottom tray was dripping and the heat insulation around the duct had been wiped and consequently mangled and displaced.
I perform all of my own free maintenance items and keep the receipts from the dealership parts department. Additionally, the same dealer reused the one-time-use bolts on the undercarriage of my M3 when they replaced the cats for the 80k mile federal warranty so I could pass smog test. Parts department gave me a box of new bolts no cost for me to use.
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