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Negative/Positive Incidents at your Dealer

Yesterday I thought about all the things that did not work out at the Dealer since I picked up the car. So far I could tell I am not the only one, but I am curious if these negative events are all about the same around the world:

So I decided to create this poll to figure out how (un)statisfied the owner of a Z4 is with the quality of the service.

-Roof Rattle (Fixed)
They swapped this:
This killed 80% of the rattle, to get rid of the remaining 20% I was told to service the roofsealings with Glykol, and this works out great: No rattle anymore.

-Clunk Noise Rear Axle (Not fixed)
Turns out that the bearings have some kind of issued, they told me no damage can appear, but gave me full permanent warranty for the rear axle. I got some kind of contract so I am happy.

-Scratched Drivers Seat (Fixed)
When I dropped my car off to get the Rear Clunk fixed they messed up my seat
Person responsible has been sacked, vehicle has been cleaned throughout and waxed.

-Leaky window seals (Fixed)
When driving in heavy rain some drips poured into the car, they did not hesitate to change all the sealings, problem solved, Allthough I had to come back to get the windows adjusted since they sometimes rolled back down.

So all in all they fixed 3/4 but gave me for the remaining problem a lifelong warranty, overall I would say I am rather statisfied. If it was not for the screwed up seat I would be statisfied.