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Originally Posted by Asbjørn View Post
So went to my local BMW dealer to have my engine oil + filter changed today. I specifically asked for 5W30 Castrol Edge and stated that I would like to keep the empty bottles after the job was finished.

We added a few more service items to the joblist, and then they started working on the car. As I later went to have a look inside the workshop, I found that they had just emptied the engine for its old oil, changed the filter and were moving a barrel of Castrol oil towards my car.
As I looked closer, I found that it was a barrel of 0W40 oil. I complained, and they instead found 7 x 1L bottles of the right oil...

I don't know if something like this could ever happen outside of China, but now you are warned...

If this is the worst thing that ever happend to you than you can consider yourself lucky.

I had my Baby at the Dealer for that clunking noise from the rear axle, instead of solving the problem they screwed up the Drivers Seat:

This was no dirt(allthough the car was dirtier inside and outside than it has ever been in it is short life), they somehow scratched the seat.

I had a long talk with the head of service, they fired the person responsible, of course fixed the damage, cleaned the complete car (incl. engine wash) and waxed it.


Back on topic:

I will make a Video/Soundfile/Notes before swapping the oil to compare it afterwards:

-Cold Start
-(Gentle) Reving with cold engine
-Warm Engine Idle Noise
-Reving with warm engine
-Time the oil takes to warm up (90°C)
-Fuel Consumption

Any other suggestions?