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Originally Posted by rking117 View Post
When driving your Z what stores do you avoid stopping at? We have all had that ding in the door then decided to park way way out only to come out with a super heavey duty jacked up 4X4 sitting next to it. Are there stores that are more prone to that type of behavior than others? Here is my short list.

1. Walmart
2. Local Grocery Store (Publix or Winn Dixie)
3. All Malls

I pick my diagonal parking spots that have no parking on the drivers side - always. At least that side remains prisite. At Walmart this means "way out there" & most Walmart shoppers are too f'ing lazy to walk from that far. This usually applies to other lots. People in general are lazy &/or fat. They'd rather circle the lot to avoid walking an extra 30 seconds.

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