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Originally Posted by ChRR1000S View Post
Reffering to their Homepage the Oil is BMW Longlife 04 certified.
According to the Z's owners Manual you can use Oil that is either BMW Longlife 01 or Longlife 04 Certified.

Now is there any difference? 04 is the newer standard, replacing the 01 to meet environmental regulations. 04 oils are "greener" than 01 oils hence there is less phosphorus and sulfide in it (substances used to reduce friction) can anyone confirm this? Alternatively I may use Mobil 1 New Life 0w40 which has BMW LL 01 certification.

Thanks for the constructive comments so far!
My understanding is that LL04 is for low or no sulphur content fuel countries (EU) and LL01 is for high sulphur content fuel countries (such as US). Also, check out the list of LL04 oils. I think they are pretty hard to find in the US.