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Originally Posted by jannisa
Hi everyone. I used to be an enthusiast of the space grey/coral red setup and in fact this is how I firstly ordered my baby s35. But I happened to see a couple of space greys around and in my eyes it looked kind of old and rusty for my taste.

Alpine white was my next choice, excellent color, fashionable maybe, but there will be too many cars in white, and spending a great deal of money should offer you a certain degree of differentiation after all.

And then I saw a deep blue sea and my jaw fell on the ground. Amazing color, so nothing wrong with being fashionable . The point is that I insist in the coral red interior and that's where my doubt begins...

Does anyone have a deep blue sea with coral red ??
Any photos?
Am I committing a crime over here?

I would go for the blue - red combo too. It's a unique one.