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What engine - oil are you running on?

Yesterday I had a talk with a good friend of mine which I ve grown up with, had not seen him in ages.

Anyways by coincidence we started talking about our profession, turns out he is a BMW Mechanic.
So eventually we started talking about our cars, then he asked me if I still run on the oil BMW has filled the Z up with. "Of course" I responded, of which he replied "Get Rid of that Crap asap".

He continued "It is not the worst oil, but by far not the best either. All of my colleagues who drive BMWs ditched this crap as well."

When I asked him how they came up with that, he said that when you disasemble as many engines as they do on a regular basis, you tend to pull conclusions based on the way how the engines look.

That sounds kinda comprehensible, and he suggested to go with Mobil Oils. Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W30 to be precisly, and he offerd to swap it for me, no charge

Did anyone else ditch the OEM - Oil?