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You may just be the fastest Z4 drag time! Be sure your overboost safety level is set to 18 psi with the G4 board so you are assured 17.5 psi from a 40 Meth additive factor added to your 13.5psi Map 3 (meth) base. 2nd gear is best for launch and helping wheel spin issue on true automatics (world record N54 135i) but I'm not sure if that applies for DCT gear ratios and limitations of DCT.
Next you'll need bigger turbos from Rob and/or nitrous to compliment that G5 board. Did you increase your dutycycles with 15 ohm resistors on the G4?
Nuff tech rambling. Party-on 11 second Z4!

JB4 takes worlds quickest & fastest stock turbo non-nitrous record, 11.2 at 125.2mph!
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