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Originally Posted by psytse View Post
I had done about 4000 miles on my car when I added the chip. The clutch, gearbox and entire drivetrain on the 20i will have no issues as ALL parts are identical with that in the 28i. The only mechanical difference is that the 28i has slightly larger front disks. This has been verified on other forums and via .
I'm really in doubt.. I find it very hard to find reviews of

I would really love to have the 260bhp box from them since it is still a pretty big difference with 220bhp and I would love to have similar power to the 28i...

I also read some stuff that powerboxes in general are very bad for the engine? They would give problems with engine durability in the long run while chip tuning in general doesn't since the tune is optimized for your own specific engine while powerboxes are 1 tune for a all

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