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Originally Posted by DrewKo View Post
I am a little late to the game here, but as a lawyer in Atlanta, GA, and as a Z4 owner with now 2 cracked and 1 bent wheels, of which BMW replaced the 2 cracked ones with 296s and I had to pay to fix the bent one, I am ready to prepare a lawsuit to force BMW to remediate the defective wheels for all owners in the U.S. If you are interested, please send me an email to I like this arbitration, but perhaps I can force change for us all without having to individually file for arbitrations. I already have some experience in this arena, having fought bitterly (with many others) to force BMW NA to install oil coolers in all N54 engines in the 335s when they first came to market and regularly overheated. I am hopeful we can achieve a similar outcome here. I am really upset about these wheels and we absolutely deserve better.
My wheels are still intact (knock on wood), but will send you a message if they end up cracked.
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