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Hi, my name's Jules and I'm from the UK. I don't have a Z4 yet, but am going to test drive a couple of 2009 2.3i sDrive cars on Saturday.

I've had my current car (2002 E46 330Ci Sport Auto) for 7 years and 130,000 more or less trouble free miles. Is there any reason to think I will not get the same level of service from a 2009 Z4?

I'm trying to find a buyers guide, but can't find one on the forum (or I'm blind). I've checked out both cars that I am going to test drive by asking my local dealer about them. He's given me the full warranty, recall and original options for both cars. Some of the options are pretty obvious, but for others it's not. Is there a list of option codes anywhere?

The dealer advised me to check the roof well as it can get it's drainage holes blocked with leaves, which in turn results in the electric motor for the folding hard top failing, when it fills with water. Any other areas I should look at? Both cars are 2009, one has more options and has done 60k and the other has fewer options and done 30k.

Any advice or pointers to a more suitable thread (I can't make a new thread asking for advice with a brand new account, at least not until my post count goes up) gratefully received.