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Originally Posted by is300wrx View Post
That's really too bad. So if you have the pedal floored, regardless of whether you're in S mode, it'll act like its in D mode by up shifting at red line.

Wish the 35is gave you the option for the 6 speed manual.
M mode and S mode is not the same! And D mode will never go to the red-line at all.

With S mode, combined with sport+ and ESS stg 2, I two times experienced mine upshifting two gears instead of just one (due to excess wheelspin during shifting)! Even with the pedal floored, S mode shifts gears at lower RPMs (for instance 6.5K instead of 7K) where there is more torque available.

I believe M mode is the only mode which will take you to red-line. And then it up-shifts automatically...