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Active Dynamic Thingy Bob Suspension...

So, that adaptive suspension thing, does anyone else here have it, and do you think it helps reduce or heighten the harshness of the ride?

I know that normal mode is classed as comfort, but it seems like every pothole I hit, say a manhole thats perhaps 1.5-2inches deep results in a bone shaking crash sound and feel from the car. Comfy the rest of the time buy I do spend part of my time driving looking for any road imperfections, which annoys me. Perhaps its the 19"'s?

I originally plumped for this active suspension thinking it would result in a better and more controlled ride. Now in sport and sport + its as you'd expect, tighter and more fun, but in normal mode while comfy, it seems to believe that a pothole is a rapid manoeuvre and stiffens up the suspension ready for.. bang.. the pothole or manhole cover thats sunken.

Tonight due to a lane closure and traffic lights, I was guided to the other side of the road while oncoming traffic waited on a red. At 20mph the front wheel hit a manhole cover/grate (sunken around 2 inches) and made an almighty bang, very shortly of course followed by the rear wheel... all the time I'm cringing thinking '296'...

I remember test driving a 23i with normal M suspension and not feeling quite the 'bang' over sunken manhole covers... or is it my faulty memory?
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